Billy Wilder

April 7, 2011

Billy Wilder

Yes, he was born in Germany, but he’s known as an American filmmaker. One of the greatest (if not the greatest) writer/directors from the olden days (there weren’t that many). He could do comedy, drama and thrillers.

Double IndemnityFred “My Three Sons” MacMurray was never this smarmy again (well, maybe not until The Apartment).
The Lost Weekend – I don’t drink, but I imagine this is what I’d be like after one beer.
Sunset Blvd. – And the pictures keep getting’ smaller and smaller, Gloria. That shot looking up at Bill Holden as he floats in the swimming pool, is one of the greatest shots in the history of everything.
Stalag 17 William Holden won the Oscar that he probably shoulda won for Sunset Blvd. Otto should’ve stuck with acting (I’m not a fan of his movies).
Some Like It Hot – Funny stuff. I ain’t the biggest Marilyn or Tony Curtis fan, but Jack Lemmon is always great.
The Apartment – For the time period (1960), this was kinda risque subject matter for American audiences (thank Will H. Hays for keeping American cinema behind the rest of the world). While watching it I wondered how it must’ve played with the repressed viewers of yesteryear. Well, it won Billy the triple crown. Keep your eyes peeled for Larry Tate and Mr. Hand.

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