Francis Ford Coppola

April 7, 2011

Francis Ford Coppola

Arguably the first of the Film Brat generation (followed in no particular order by Scorsese, DePalma, Lucas, Spielberg and Milius (to name a few).

The Godfather – Great stuff that launched several careers and was a great comeback for Brando (of course, he should’ve stopped here and just stayed on his island).

The Godfather II – Is it better than the first? Hard to say. It’s pretty damn great. If you do as I do, pretend that this is the last film in the series and that Godfather III never happened.
The Conversation – I do find it a little boring though.
Apocalypse Now – Mostly great, but falls apart when Brando enters the picture. His eccentricity derailed the film. This is the one that drove Coppola nuts and he hasn’t made a good film since, except maybe Tucker: The Man and His Dreams. Dracula is not a good film. It looks great, but the writing and acting are atrocious. And how the Hell he let Nicholas Cage (Francis’ real life nephew) get away with that horrible voice in Peggy Sue Got Married, proved that Coppola didn’t give two figs about that movie. He was just collecting a paycheck. Check out the awesome documentary, Hearts Of Darkness. Or if you can find Eleanor Coppola’s memoir, Notes (my copy is around here somewhere) And for the heck of it, check out Franklin J. Schaffner’s Patton, for an Oscar winning Coppola screenplay.

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