William Friedkin

April 7, 2011

William Friedkin

The French Connection – Have we ever had a cop like Popeye Doyle again? He’s a racist and a jerk, and pretty darn lovable. Archie Bunker with a gun.
The Exorcist – You know why this film was so effective? Because Friedkin didn’t make it like a horror film. He made it like it was real life with terrible things happening. The sound design in here is phenomenal. I think Friedkin shot his wad on this one (metaphorically speaking).
Sorcerer – This is a guilty pleasure. Not everyone likes this, and it was the beginning of the end for Friedkin. It’s a remake of the great Wages of Fear by Clouzot. Cruising put the nail in the coffin for Friedkin. If you like Tangerine Dream, give this one a whirl.
To Live and Die in LA – Flawed, but kind of a last hurrah. I’ve never seen what happened to the main character in a movie (William Peterson) before or since. The idea to use Wang Chung to score this movie is as baffling as David Lynch using Toto for Dune.

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