Ulu Grosbard

April 7, 2011

Ulu Grosbard

Who? Well, he’s done mostly theater, and a couple of movies (including Straight Time with Dusty Hoffman), but he made a great little character movie in ’81 with Bobby Duval and Bobby DeNiro

True Confessions – Bobby & Bobby are brothers. One’s a cop, the other a priest. This character study is wrapped around a Black Dahlia type murder mystery. This was still back when DeNiro was doing understated acting. Duvall is almost always good (though he tends to play the same crotchety old man nowawdays). This also has several of your favorite character actors like Baron Harkonnen, Nick Tortelli, Doc Hopper, Mickey Goldmill, and Lo Pan (to name a few). The screenplay was by the late John Gregory Dunne, and his wife Joan Didion from John’s novel (it’s pretty good too, pick it up). Most of you normal moviegoers will probably find this slow and dull. I feel sorry for you. You shoulda cribbed from this one, Fincher, when making Zodiac.

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