George Lucas

April 7, 2011

George Lucas

George is a huge disappointment. He inspired a generation of kids and then decided to defecate on the people who made him a billionaire. He was never a great director. His interests mostly lie in technology (much like James Cameron).

American Graffiti – This was his 2nd feature (after THX-1138), and his and Walter Murch’s sound design helped create a whole new job classification. Music editor (at least if I remember my history correctly. Someone correct me). George wrote the scenes to specific songs (much like Scorsese does). Then he and Murch experimented with ways of capturing those songs. Instead of just making them part of the score, they made the songs part of the landscape by recording the music from moving cars and out of windows. Side note: Do yourself a favor and forget the sequel exists.
Star Wars – Don’t really need to say anything about this one. Inspired by Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress, and the work of Joseph Campbell. This was a Saturday morning serial with production value (and a walking carpet).
Empire Strikes Back – Yes, Irvin Kirshner directed it (an old teacher of George’s), and it’s the best of the trilogy. Great script from Hollywood legend Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan (before he became a director himself). I use the term trilogy lightly because I hate Return of the Jedi (even at age 13). The dialogue, acting, and storyline were terrible. Everyone read their lines in the same slow speed. They seemed bored or stoned (I’m looking at you Carrie). And Chewie doing the Tarzan yell pushed me over the edge. That’s right, I was film snob as a young lad. That’s why you won’t see things like E.T. or The Goonies on this list (I didn’t like them then for the same reasons I don’t now). That’s pretty much it for George. He came up with the idea and produced Raiders, but with each subsequent kick to the groin Lucas gives us, it becomes more apparent that Star Wars and Raiders were accidents. He knows nothing about story or good film making. His primary interest is in technology and selling Hammerhead dolls.

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