Paul Schrader

April 7, 2011

Paul Schrader

Will he always be most famous for the Taxi Driver screenplay? Paul’s an interesting guy and I give him props for trying different things (not always successfully).

Hardcore – See George C. audition the ladies. And 2nd Darren from Bewitched is in here too. And for the Trekkers, keep an eye out for Gul Dukat.
Cat People – Ok, this is not a great movie. But it’s a guilty pleasure. My dad took us to see it when it came out. I was 12. Yeah, I don’t know what my dad was thinking either. This might have been my introduction to Malcolm McDowell.
Affliction – His best film yet. James Coburn won his only Oscar. Nick Nolte was on a roll in the late 90’s, and it’s too bad what he’s done to himself. Read the Russel Banks novel. It’s another one of those rare occurrences where the filmmaker respects the author.
Auto FocusHOOOGAAN!!, you’re such a naughty boy. I had always heard about Bob Crane‘s mysterious murder, but never knew of his love for boobies.

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