Samuel Fuller

April 7, 2011

Samuel Fuller


Fuller rarely had a budget to work with, but darn it if he didn’t get his ideas across. I haven’t seen every Fuller, so I’m not going to name a lot.

The Steel Helmet – Great antiwar film. Ever wonder where Spielberg got the name Short Round from? Here it is.
Pickup of South Street – The commies are after Richard Widmark, cuz he’s got their goods. Can a good ol’ American pickpocket triumph over the Red Menace?
Underworld U.S.A. – See Charly kick ass and take names.
Shock CorridorI’m screaming in the rain! Just screaming in the rain…

The Naked Kiss – I’ve never seen it mentioned, but I could swear that’s Fuller himself pulling the wig off of Constance Towers in the opening scene.
The Big Red One – Fuller’s last hurrah. Based on his experiences in WWII. In this one you learn Luke Skywalker likes to play with his “pecker.”

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