David Lynch

April 7, 2011

David Lynch

One of the few fine artists (yes, Scorsese is an artist, but I said fine artist) we have in American Cinema. There are a lot of poseurs, but Dave is the real deal. Interesting side note – when I first went to film school in 1988 it was en vogue to love Lynch and hate Spielberg and Lucas. When I went back in 1993, people hated Lynch and embraced Spielberg and Lucas.

Eraserhead – Makes me never want to have an old fashioned radiator again.
The Elephant Man – the late great Alan Splet should’ve won an Oscar for his sound design. John Hurt was “not an animal” in this one, but he was an animal in The Plague Dogs and Watership Down. For you Powell/Pressburger fans, Wendy Hiller has a nice little role as a nurse.
Dune – Ok, I admit I liked Dune when it came out. It doesn’t hold up well, and I’m sure Lynch never wants to talk about it again. But when you lie down with DeLaurentis, expect to wake up itchy.
Blue Velvet – Makes me want to never pick up another severed ear again. DeLaurentis actually paid for this and it’s great. Lynch was redeemed for the mess that was Dune. Woody Allen called it the best movie of the year (Oscar went to Platoon).
Twin Peaks – Not a film, but a great show. They should’ve only done one season. They blew it in season two, but from what I understand, Lynch wasn’t as hands on this season. Something like this can’t be sustained.
Wild At Heart – This won the Palm D’or at Cannes. It feels a little rushed and was made at the same time as Twin Peaks so there are several cross over actors (man, I loved Sherilyn Fenn. Why did she return my X-mas wreaths fashioned from human hair? It wasn’t like it was my own hair (just from the drifters at the bus stop)) You gotta love Willem Dafoe’s dental work.
The Straight Story – Walt Disney Presents a David Lynch film (rated G). You’ll never read those words again. Great little film. Little known fact. Sissy Spacek and Lynch go way back. She’s married to Jack Fisk (well known art director/production designer, does all of Malick’s films), who’s an old school chum of Lynch’s from their AFI days. Jack played The Man in the Planet in Eraserhead.
Mulholland Drive – What an amazing story on this one. Began life as a TV pilot (for ABC I think), but the network put the kibosh on it. A year later Lynch has a dream how to finish it as its own movie. He gets the money and brings the cast back and voila, he win’s best director at Cannes (along with Joel Coen), gets nominated for an Oscar, and introduces us to Naomi Watts (another of my crushes. Oh Naomi, just because you don’t know I exist doesn’t mean I’m not perfect for you).
Inland Empire – Jury’s still out on this one. I feel like I’ve already seen this from him, but I’ll have to give it another shot.

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