Terry Gilliam

April 7, 2011

Terry Gilliam

I may blaspheme here, but all of Gilliam’s films are too long. You could lose a half hour out of most of his stuff (except Time Bandits).

Jabberwocky – His first non-Python outing (although it’s still a little Pythonesque).
Time Bandits – It took me awhile to warm up to this film. I always liked parts of it, but other things bugged me (especially the end credit George Harrison song (I still can’t decipher part of those lyrics)). But I’m cool with it now.
Brazil – What more can ya say. No one had seen anything like this before. I saw this at the Village 8 in Louisville. It probably played a week or two before being yanked. The studio did it’s best to kill this film.
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen – This and Dangerous Liaisons brought us Uma Thurman. And lil’ Sarah Polley grew up to be a Canadian and a pretty good actress (jury’s out on her directing. Away From Her was ok, but the guy playing the husband deserved more of the accolades).
The Fisher King – I liked it, but was always bothered by the Grail storyline. I wish they coulda picked something else. Jeff Bridges should won something for this (he wasn’t even nominated). I thought Mercedes earned her award (I saw her with Clancy Brown in Anthony & Cleopatra at the Actors Theater of Louisville).
Twelve Monkeys – I’m a little on a the fence about this. I had seen La Jetee in film school so already knew the outcome. Brad was pretty good in his Oscar nominated role and Madeline Stowe is a tasty crumpet, but something’s missing in this one.
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas – First time not working with Roger Pratt in a long while. His new lenser is one-eyed Nicola Pecorini. Good job working with my fellow Kentuckians Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp.
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus – Hot damn that Lily Cole is smokin’. Not Terry’s best, and it’s a shame Heath Ledger died during the making of this (that boy had talent). It has some interesting touches, but feels incomplete.

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