Alexander Payne

April 7, 2011

Alexander Payne

The most consistently good filmmaker out of the group that emerged from the late 90’s (P.T. Anderson, Wes Anderson (no relation), & David O. Russell. I’ll throw Tarrantino, Rodriguez and Kevin Smith in with this bunch, but they started a few years earlier).

Citizen Ruth – Wow. This one doesn’t pull any punches, and skewers everyone. Laura Dern is really good (everyone is).
Election – There’s some daring stuff in here. I can honestly say I never imagined a scene where Matthew Broderick would be scrubbing his genitals clean in the bathtub.
About SchmidtJack’s still got it. This is proof that he can still be more than just a special effect.
SidewaysNapa Valley went a little overboard trying to tie-in with this film. Fortunately I saw it before all the hype. This is good stuff, and I hope Payne can keep it up.

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