Wes Anderson

April 7, 2011

Wes Anderson

Bottle Rocket – Sweet little introduction to the quirky world of Wes Anderson. Owen Wilson‘s Dignan was truly a unique character.
Rushmore – Very good. Bill Murray was excellent (everyone was). I was happy to see the character behave in an unpredictable way.
The Royal Tenenbaums – Anderson brought all his quirky elements together in this one.
Fantastic Mr. Fox – This was a pleasant surprise (though I could’ve done without the Brit Pop), and I would not have had a problem if this had won the Oscar. I dragged my nieces to see this (they didn’t want to go), and afterward they proclaimed their love for Foxy.

That’s it for Wes. He perfected his quirky, one emotion, primary color schemed, Brit Pop-soundtracked style with Tenenbaums. He needs to work out whatever father issues he has (all his films are basically about parent issues), and do something new. And bring back Owen Wilson as a writing partner. I know he’s busy playing the same character in all his movies, but you guys did your best work together. I didn’t like The Life Aquatic. It’s quirkiness was self aware. I gave The Darjeeling Limited a half hour before shutting it off. Pure self indulgence. Enough is enough.

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