Robert Aldrich

April 7, 2011

Robert Aldrich

Vera Cruz – I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest Western fan, but a good movie is a good movie. Same goes for musicals.
Kiss me DeadlyCloris Leachman’s debut. This is where Tarantino stole his idea for “the glowing thing in the box” in Pulp Fiction. Stole? I meant homage. That’s what Tarantino does; homage.
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Well? What happened? Michael Bay will probably remake this with Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton.
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte – You’ll remember Victor Buono from all those Wild Wild West appearances (and as King Tut on Batman).
The Flight of the Phoenix – It’s a little long, but everyone is good in this. Remade as an awful Dennis Quaid movie.
The Dirty Dozen – Great stuff. I’ve seen this one a billion times (ok, maybe not that many). I think this is Aldrich’s best work.
Emperor of the North Pole – Re-teams with Lee Marvin and Ernie Borgnine. Ernie is the big bad on a choo choo train. Not great. But interesting.
The Longest Yard – Haven’t seen the Adam Sandler remake, but I’ll go out on a limb and say the original is better. In fact, I won’t even go out on a limb and I’ll declare the remake is shit.
The Frisco Kid Han Solo and Willy Wonka? Hilarity ensues. Ok, I haven’t seen it in nearly 30 years so don’t know if it holds up. But I have fond memories of seeing this at the Village 8.

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