Sam Peckinpah

April 7, 2011

Sam Peckinpah

I’m gonna get hate mail, but I only like a few of his movies. He’s certainly not the genius his fans (or maybe even he) thought he was. He tends to be redundant. And Jesus Christ, will all you modern “directors” stop with the slow motion action! It’s neither homage nor a stylistic choice. It’s goddamn lazy filmmaking! I’m talkin’ to you “bullet-time” jagoffs too. If you’re gonna use it, innovate with it.

Ride the High Country – I had always wondered why uttering Randolph Scott‘s name in Blazing Saddles was supposed to be funny. I suppose you had to be there.
The Wild Bunch – He shot his wad on this one (figuratively and literally). Deserves the hype, but it was all down hill from here. “What?! You mean you don’t like Straw Dogs?” Nope. I thought it was misogynistic bullshit. If I want to see a well executed film of a non-violent man turning to violence, I’ll watch Deliverance.
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid – This would’ve been a good one to go out on (not The Osterman Weekend). Pretty good score by Bob Dylan. This is where the song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” comes from.

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