Tim Burton

April 7, 2011

Tim Burton

Talk about all style and no substance, but he has some stuff I enjoy.

Beetlejuice – This was goofy fun at the time. It’s odd seeing a be-spectacled, blond Alec Baldwin in this one. I always got the feeling the writers stole the name from how Betelgeuse was pronounced in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (who am I kidding? Of course they stole it).
Edward Scissorhands – This was an entertaining modern fairytale. Burton’s first pairing with his stand-in Johnny Depp (fellow Kentuckian). Winona Ryder, however, was horribly miscast (and in a terrible blond wig).
Ed Wood – The best thing Burton has ever done (and it looks like the best he ever will do). He actually had substance over style in this film. Martin Landau earned his awards as Bela Lugosi.
Mars Attacks! – It’s cute, not great, but cute.
Sleepy Hollow – Ya know, I was surprised how much I liked this one. Emmanuel Lubezki’s photography was exquisite (he’s now shooting for Malick).

That’s it for Burton. I don’t like anything else. He just keeps doing the same thing over and over, and often does it very badly. You’ll notice I didn’t mention the Batman movies. The only thing good in the first one was I enjoyed Jack’s Joker, and the late Anton Furst’s designs (and on a side note, everyone stop apeing Bob Ringwood’s costume design. Not every superhero has to have fake muscles sewn into their costumes). Everyone else was horribly miscast and it was just a flat script (ok, Michelle Pfeiffer was pretty smokin’ in her costume). The 2nd Batman was better, but Penguin was all wrong and the dialogue and acting was still 2nd rate. Burton should have been exiled after Planet of the Apes (of course he lives in England now, so I guess he exiled himself).

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