David Fincher

April 7, 2011

David Fincher

The geeks love him, but he’s another one that is style over substance. For me he’s only got a couple watchable movies (though his last one showed progress, so I’ll keep an eye on him). I’m amazed at the love over Zodiac. It’s competent, but he actually made a movie about a serial killer, kinda boring (to be fair, the book isn’t well written either). And don’t get me started on Benjamin Boring.

Se7en – Alright, I’m not the biggest fan of this one, and I’ve gotten into arguments with people over it. The visual execution is decent, but I have a problem with the whole super genius killer type of movie. I think Brad Pitt‘s character is very badly written. He’s supposed to be an experienced homicide detective who was allowed to transfer into Morgan Freeman‘s division, yet he’s a lousy detective. He has bad instincts, doesn’t follow procedure, and his overuse of “fuck,” feels forced and unnatural. I also find the end to be lazy writing. It’s what I call the “shoot the puppy” scene. I don’t buy what occurs. If this serial killer had been planning his little lessons for years, I don’t believe his final two would have been so spontaneous. All that being said, Fincher was able to redeem himself from the debacle that was Alien 3. And Darius Khondji’s photography kicked all kinds of ass.
Fight Club – His best film up this point. Everyone’s heart seemed to be in this one.

The Social Network – This is Fincher’s best written film to date (all due to Aaron Sorkin). I was actually surprised by this movie. They actually took the creation of a website and made it interesting. Just shows to go ya, that if you have talent or skills, you can make the most mundane story interesting. Granted, there were multi-billion dollar lawsuits and hot girls involved, so that was a little spicier than a nerd sitting in front of his computer and creating a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fan page.
Jesse Eisenberg finally put his anxiety ridden mannerisms to good use here, and had the best role of his career (I still think he and Michael Cera should do a buddy cup movie, “Neb & Nebbisher”). The whole cast did a swell job.

2010 was a weak year for American movies, but of the Oscar nominees I would’ve rather this had won instead of that TV movie, The King’s Speech (it was well acted and written, but the direction was amateur. “Look, I’m using a fish-eye lens! I’m Terry Gilliam!”). So here’s what you can do, Jeff Bridges can give his Oscar for Crazy Heart to Colin Firth, for A Single Man. And Firth can give his Oscar for The King’s Speech to Bridges for any of the other roles Bridges was nominated for.

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