Atom Egoyan

April 7, 2011

Atom Egoyan

And I bet you thought David Cronenberg was the only Canadian film maker actually making films in Canada. You’d be surprised. Canada actually has quite a few filmmakers (not all Canadians sneak across our borders and steal our Hollywood jobs. That’s right Keanu, I said it). Anyhoo, I first learned of Egoyan through my sister-in-law when I was living with her and my brother in Chicago. So I probably saw my first Egoyan film in 1990, and I felt each new film got better and better.

Family Viewing – Egoyan’s fascination with video cameras.

Speaking Parts – Some more video camera stuff, but getting better.

The Adjuster – This was the first one for me that didn’t have that precocious senior film student sheen all over it. Does anyone else thing Elias Koteas and Chris Meloni should play brothers in a movie someday?

Exotica – I bet there’s no strippers that look like Mia Kirschner. Yowza! Paul Sarossy’s (Egoyan’s regular D.P.) cinematography is getting really good by now. Bruce Greenwood is always great. I believe this was the first time Sarah Polley worked with Egoyan. And regulars, Don McKellar (a decent screenwriter/actor), and Arsinee Khanjian (Mrs. Egoyan) show up to the party too.

The Sweet Hereafter – I believe this was the first time Egoyan was not working from his own story. This is from the novel by Russel Banks, and I think it’s Egoyan’s best work. This was also his biggest hit in the states (garnered Oscar nominations for adapted screenplay and director). Everyone did a great job in this (even Arsinee who’s not the greatest of actresses). If you start with Egoyan’s earliest films first, it’s interesting to watch Gabrielle Rose’s progression from her sexier roles to middle-aged school bus driver.

Adoration – He started of with video cameras in the late 80’s, and now we’ve got webcams. Arsinee pushes a student to elaborate his made-up story about his father being a terrorist. Comedy ensues (well, not so much comedy, as trouble). It’s got Scott Speedman in it, and he’s not a werewolf this time (and he can actually act). This one felt a little too familiar, like I’ve seen this from Egoyan before.

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