Denys Arcand

April 7, 2011

Denys Arcand

Is Denys really a Canadian? He’s Québécois, and we all know Quebec would love to secede from the rest of Canada. The only reason the country doesn’t cut it loose is because it has the ports.

The Decline of the American Empire– It took me a while to make the connection that Canadians are technically Americans. They are on the North American continent, just like the United States. I guess this could be the Canadian The Big Chill, just not as lame. This was nominated for best foreign language and won a bunch of Genies.

Jesus of Montreal – This was the first Arcand film I saw. I saw it at the Vogue in Louisville, and I loved it. I saw it a bunch of times. This was also nominated for a best foreign language Oscar, and it won some awards at Cannes and a ton of Genies. If you had to choose between this and The Passion of the Christ, well, there really is no choice. The Passion is porn for zealots. Jésus de Montréal has a soul.

The Barbarian Invasions – Kind of a sequel to American Empire 17 years later. Moving stuff, that deals with a dying parent. It has some very interesting insights. I suggest having a double feature with this and Sicko. See Michael Moore laud the Canadian health care system, and then see how Canadians actually experience it. This one finally won Arcand the best foreign language Oscar. It also took Cannes awards for actress and screenplay. I suggest watching American Empire first, and then wait 17 years like I had to (or at least a few months apart).

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