John Boorman

April 7, 2011

John Boorman

Point BlankLee Marvin just wants his money. Why won’t people just give it to him? Archie Bunker thinks Marvin is a very bad man.

Hell in the PacificYojimbo and A No. 1 duke it out on an island during Double-U Double-U Eye Eye.

Deliverance – I hope people still don’t go up to Ned Beatty (fellow Louisvillian) and scream “WHEEE WHEEE! This was back when Burt Reynolds could act.

Excalibur – Still the best King Arthur movie. Nobody should play Merlin after Nicol Williamson (how was he not nominated?). It is a little creepy that Boorman directs his own daughter to be raped by Uther. WTF John? Look for a youngish Jean-Luc Picard and Oskar Schindler. Boorman homages himself with Lancelot’s sword gag. It’s almost exactly like Jon Voight’s arrow gag in Deliverance. Compare.

Hope and Glory – Ahh, to be a kid during the Blitz. Simpler times. Did you know the Brits were mad on jam?

The General – No, not the Buster Keaton movie. This was the first thing I ever saw Brendon Gleeson in. Good stuff. It was nice to see Boorman make another good film after so many years.

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