Kevin MacDonald

April 7, 2011

Kevin MacDonald

He’s got an interesting pedigree. He’s the grandson of Emeric Pressburger. I didn’t know until after I saw his films. I guess creativity is in the genes.

One Day in September – Oscar winning documentary about the hostage crisis at the Munich games in 1972. Better than Munich.

Touching the Void – I was conflicted when first seeing this because it’s 95% re-creation. But it’s really effective, and well executed.

The Last King of Scotland – This is Kevin’s fiction debut after doing mostly documentaries. I thought this was a Hell of a film. I may have seen James McAvoy in other things, but he really stood out in this one and held his own against Oscar winner Forest Whitaker. Kerry Washington was also impressive (and smokin’ to boot). Hell, everyone was good, even Scully.

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