François Truffaut

April 7, 2011

François Truffaut

I have not seen a lot by Truffaut, but I’ll get there. I’m not as enamored of the French New Wave as others are. Maybe it was Goddard that did it to me. Masculine/Feminine had an effect on me in film school. A negative effect. I preferred Melville and Clouzot. But I’m gonna give them another chance now that a couple decades have passed since film school.

The 400 Blows – No Curtis, it’s not what you’re thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter. This is a coming of age story, loosely based on Truffaut’s own life. This pretty much put the French New Wave on the map (but this was not the first new wave feature). He made 4 more films with the character Antoine Doinel.

Shoot the Piano Player

Jules and Jim – For years before I saw this film, I always thought Jeanne Moreau was Jules. Jules sounds like a girl’s name, right?

The Wild Child – This is an interesting little movie based on a true story. No, this was not the inspiration for the late 70’s tv show, Lucan. If this were remade in America, by the end of the movie Victor will have gotten the girl, defeated the bullies, and won the state dodge-ball tournament. To end the movie, his first full sentence (apart from the single words he learns throughout the movie like, “ball,” “dog,” and “shit,”) will be “I love you dad.” Get on that remake Spielberg! Atticus Shaffer isn’t getting any younger.

Day for Night – Kind of a love letter to making movies. This is cute. Film school students, check it out.

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