Jean-Pierre Melville

April 7, 2011

Jean-Pierre Melville

A Frenchman doing noir? Makes sense, since “noir” is a French word. He may be my favorite French director of the 60’s. I haven’t seen everything yet, but so far it’s all good.

Bob le Flambeur – This was remade by Neil Jordon with Nick Nolte as Bob. Didn’t Neil learn to stay away from remakes after We’re No Angels?

Le Doulos

Le Deuxième Souffle – Let’s see Michael Bay or Paul Greengrass keep their cameras steady and with fewer cuts than Melville. He blows your asses out of the water.

Le Samourai – My first Melville.  The opening shot with Alain Delon and his cigarette is très magnifique (that’s French for bitchin’).

Army of Shadows – This is as minimal as it gets for Melville (that’s pretty damn minimal). This one’s about the French Resistance during the Nazi occupation. The French resisted? Who knew? I kid, I kid. I love those crazy frogs. Keep an eye out for Vincent Cassel’s papa.

Le Cercle Rouge – There’s a nice little heist scene in here that reminds me of Rififi.

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