Barbet Schroeder

April 7, 2011

Barbet Schroeder

General Idi Amin Dada – Documentary about that crazy dictator from Uganda. Great double feature with The Last King of Scotland.

Barfly – I loved this film. It was my introduction to Bukowski, who I really got in to for awhile.   I’ve even got a signed first edition of one of his poetry collections. If you read his novel Hollywood, it’s about the making of Barfly. Mickey Rourke may be a little over the top (a little?) but I liked it. A college chum referred to Mickey Rourke as his “favorite scumbag.”  But if you wanna see a truer Bukowski performance, check out Ben Gazzara in Tales of Ordinary Madness. No Hollywood studio would ever try to make that movie (especially the scene when Gazzara tries to re-enter the womb).

Reversal of Fortune – Schroeder was really growing as a filmmaker here. Jeremy Irons won an Oscar (deservedly so). The late Ron Silver probably did his best work here, and Glenn Close was pretty great too.

Then Barbet made Single White Female and became irrelevant. I haven’t seen anything worthwhile from him in years. He does have some recent films he made outside the states, and his earlier stuff has become available. So maybe there’s still some good stuff to see.

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