Luis Buñuel

April 8, 2011

Luis Bunuel

I haven’t seen it all yet. He’s got a lot of stuff out there.

Un Chien Andalou – Talk about a close shave.

L’age d’or – My most vivid memory is when the dude shoots the kid who is laying down on the ground.

Viridiana – People should be nice to nuns.

Belle de Jour – I tells ya, Catherine Deneuve didn’t get the best treatment in the olden days.


The Phantom of Liberty – Ok, I haven’t seen it yet, but I own it.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Why won’t you let those poor bourgeoisie eat, Luis. The airplane noise was a cute gag. You just know some Hollywood exec was complaining about the rotten sound recording of the film. Sucker.

That Obscure Object of Desire – Two girls, one role. Two actresses play the same woman, and no attention is ever drawn to it. This has the chick from the best Roger Moore 007 movie, For Your Eyes Only.

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