Juzo Itami

April 8, 2011

Juzo Itami

Some folks believe his suicide may have been a Yakuza hit, because they were still mad over their portrayal in Minbo no Onna (he had been attacked and slashed soon after the release of that film).

The Funeral – A black comedy and funnier than most real funerals (believe me, I know).

Tampopo – His best known film in the States. Known as the first (and probably only) Noodle Western. This thing is hilarious, and every time I see it, I get hungry. Make sure to load up on carryout from your local Japanese noodle house (a package of Raman won’t cut it), or Asian food of choice. Then sit back and have a feast.

A Taxing Woman – Starring Mrs. Itami, Nobuko Miyamoto (she was in all his films). This is also a well known/loved Itami film (he even made a sequel).

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