Kon Ichikawa

April 8, 2011

Kon Ichikawa

This guy has a pantload of films under his belt. I’ve only seen the following two so far, but what a two they are (did that sound weird?).

The Burmese Harp – Nominated for an Oscar a little over 10 years after WWII. These are not the Japanese soldiers we were shown in the Hollywood war movies.

Fires on the Plain – Great anti-war film from the point of view of our “enemy.” This film doesn’t inject artificial sentimentality into its scenes of the horrors of war. It doesn’t have to. It shows us what is, and we decide how we feel about it. I was kind of shocked by how explicit this was for a film that came out in 1959. I have to keep reminding myself that the rest of world cinema is far less prudish (I was reminded again when I recently saw Bergman’s The Virgin Spring from 1960).

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