Bahram Beizai

April 8, 2011

Bahram Beizai

Ragbar (Downpour) – This one’s from pre-revolutionary 1971, so not part of the new wave that hit in the mid 90’s. But it’s interesting to see where Iranian cinema was culturally before the revolution (and seeing pre-revolutionary Iran at all is interesting).









Bashu, The Little Stranger – It’s kinda like those American movies where they stick a poor Southerner into the opulence of the North and the cultures clash. But in the end, the poor, ignorant Southerner teaches the Northerners how to love and live. Ok, it’s not really like that. For one thing, Bashu isn’t a piece of crap Hollywood cookie cutter. But there is a cultural difference between Northern & Southern Iran. You can also find the film here.







Mosaferan (Travelers) – More arty than the other neo-realistic style of the other films of this period. But Beizai was always more expressionistic.



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