Andrei Tarkovsky

April 7, 2011

Andrei Tarkovsky

Gosh, what can you say about Tarkovsky? I don’t always understand him, and he can be painfully slow. But when I watch his films, I feel like I’m watching pure art. His technique of editing within a take is unmatched. The closest American we have might be Terrence Malick as far as the poetry of filmmaking goes.

Ivan’s Childhood – Life during WWII. Would make an interesting triple feature with Hope & Glory and Germany: Year Zero.

Andrei Rublev – The live burning cow might upset some people, but this is the Soviet Union circa 1966. This kinda long, but there’s some beautiful stuff in here.

Solaris – His weakest film and Andrei’s least favorite. Still some interesting stuff here. For those of you annoyed with the nearly 5 minute driving sequence, you need to put it in context. Those scenes were shot in Tokyo, and in the early 1970’s Soviet Union, that looked like a futuristic city. Granted, it didn’t need to be so long, but what can ya do?

The Mirror – There’s some great images in here. Plus you get to listen to Russian poetry. Win win!!

Stalker – Interesting tidbit; the original negative was destroyed and the whole film had to be re-shot from scratch. Did I say “interesting,” I meant to say “horrible.” Yikes!

Nostalghia – He made this in Italy while in exile. The final pullout is one of the greatest film viewing experiences I ever had. It probably won’t affect others the same way (that’s only because they’re cultureless barbarians). This was pure art.

The Sacrifice – His final film. He made this in Sweden while dying of brain cancer. It might be my favorite of his films. Sven Nykvist was the D.P. and it starred Bergman regular, Erland Josephson.

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