Roman Polanski

April 7, 2011

Roman Polanski

Love to hate him, or hate to love him, Polanski is pretty polarizing. He has made some crap (Pirates anyone?), but he’s also made some great contributions to cinema.

Repulsion – When I finally saw this thing, I was pretty impressed for what Roman did with no budget back in the mid 1960’s. Lot’s of clever ideas and some pretty racy stuff for that time period.

Rosemary’s Baby – Coochie coo. I ain’t the biggest Mia Farrow fan, but she was fine in this. Everyone was great. This was certainly a good example of why you should “never trust anyone over 30.”

Chinatown – When in Chinatown visit Empress Pavillion for some good dim sum (get there early). Great ending. Polanski’s idea, not Robert Towne’s. If you want to hear who D.D. Lewis modeled his character’s voice from in There Will Be Blood, check out John Huston in this. I’m crossing my fingers for a remake with Frankie Muniz and Dakota Fanning (with Nathan Lane as Noah Cross).

The PianistAdrian Brody’s nose was a surprise Oscar winner that year, as was Polanski’s best director win (ok, maybe not that big a surprise).

The Ghost Writer – Old school thriller.  Not great, but pretty good. You won’t find any Bourne shaky-cam machine gun editing in this one.

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