Lu Chuan

July 10, 2011

Lu Chuan

Lu is part of the new Chinese New Wave of directors, and he gets better with each film. I hope he can keep it up for a while before he gets too big for his britches.

The Missing Gun – This is Lu’s debut, and it’s full of the energy and camera tricks you’d expect from youthful exuberance. This has a mix of drama and a little comedy (but I’d say more drama). The lesson here: Don’t lose your gun.
Mountain Patrol – Based on the true story of a self-appointed group of men who try to stop the rampant slaughter of endangered Tibetan Antelopes. This one doesn’t have the same kinetic energy of Lu’s first film. He eases into a much more minimal style.

City of Life and Death – This is about The Rape of Nanking, which most people probably don’t know about. There certainly hasn’t been a Hollywood movie about it where some brave white man (Robert Pattinson maybe) saves the innocent Chinese people from the ruthless Japanese army. No, this is about reality and it’s not very happy.

Shot in beautiful black & white (real black & white film, not desaturated color like the Americans have been doing for awhile now), and sublimely acted. Check it out, and if you  want to know more read the late Iris Chang’s book.

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