Dariush Mehrjui

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Dariush Mehrjui The Tenants – Did ya ever wanna see a screwball comedy from Iran? Well, this is probably as close as you’re gonna get.                 Hamoun                 Leila – I saw this in Santa Monica where it played with no […]

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Bahram Beizai

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Bahram Beizai Ragbar (Downpour) – This one’s from pre-revolutionary 1971, so not part of the new wave that hit in the mid 90’s. But it’s interesting to see where Iranian cinema was culturally before the revolution (and seeing pre-revolutionary Iran at all is interesting).                 Bashu, The Little […]

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Marva Nabili

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  Marva Nabili The Sealed Soil – This is a nice little character study from pre-revolutionary Iran. But what makes it most notable is this is from the first woman to direct a film in Iran. It’s kinda metaphorical considering what was coming in the next two years.   Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post […]

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Jafar Panahi

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Jafar Panahi The White Balloon – I think this was the first Iranian hit over here in America. With a script by Iran’s arguable best filmmaker, Abbas Kiarostami. It says a lot without having to say much (because it has to).                     The Mirror – Little […]

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Mohsen Makhmalbaf

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Mohsen Makhmalbaf Here’s an interesting guy. He was involved in the revolution and over the years I think tried to distance himself from how much he participated. He tries to make more artistic films, but I don’t feel he’s an artist (much like Oliver Stone and Spike Lee think they are artists, but aren’t). But […]

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Majid Majidi

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Majid Majidi Children of Heaven – This is a great little film. The Iranians sure know how to shoot with kids. Take note Hollywood. I have yet to see a a kid in an Iranian film call their parents by their first name, or be some eerie super genius.             […]

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Abbas Kiarostami

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Abbas Kiarostami He’s sort of the undisputed king of Iranian cinema. The Iranian New Wave reminded me of Italian neo-realism. They don’t have scads of money, and they tell very slice-of-life type stories. There’s a lot of hidden politics in these films (and some not so hidden), because you aren’t allowed to say a lot of […]

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