George Lucas

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George Lucas George is a huge disappointment. He inspired a generation of kids and then decided to defecate on the people who made him a billionaire. He was never a great director. His interests mostly lie in technology (much like James Cameron). American Graffiti – This was his 2nd feature (after THX-1138), and his and […]

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Bob Fosse

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Bob Fosse Cabaret – I generally don’t like musicals, but Fosse reinvented them with this one. Lenny – Very good biopic on Lenny Bruce. All comedians know him, and owe him. Great B & W photography from Bruce Surtees (son of million time Oscar nominated cinematographer, Robert Surtees (Covington, KY)). All That Jazz – Fosse […]

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Paul Schrader

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Paul Schrader Will he always be most famous for the Taxi Driver screenplay? Paul’s an interesting guy and I give him props for trying different things (not always successfully). Hardcore – See George C. audition the ladies. And 2nd Darren from Bewitched is in here too. And for the Trekkers, keep an eye out for […]

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Terrence Malick

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Terrence Malick Quite probably America’s only cinema impressionist poet. Badlands – Ramon Estevez & Sissy Spacek spend their Summer vacation on a killing spree. This ain’t your Frankie & Annette type Summer movie. Days of Heaven – This is flawed because I never liked Brooke Adams or Richard Gere for the matter (although he’s pretty […]

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The Coen Bros

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The Coen Bros The Coens are hit and miss. They do something brilliant and then something not too good, but at least they come back. Blood Simple – Their debut. It played for a year at the Village 8 theater in Louisville. The only other films I remember doing that were The Gods Must Be […]

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Samuel Fuller

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Samuel Fuller   Fuller rarely had a budget to work with, but darn it if he didn’t get his ideas across. I haven’t seen every Fuller, so I’m not going to name a lot. The Steel Helmet – Great antiwar film. Ever wonder where Spielberg got the name Short Round from? Here it is. Pickup […]

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David Lynch

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David Lynch One of the few fine artists (yes, Scorsese is an artist, but I said fine artist) we have in American Cinema. There are a lot of poseurs, but Dave is the real deal. Interesting side note – when I first went to film school in 1988 it was en vogue to love Lynch […]

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John Landis

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John Landis Schlock – Guilty pleasure. Landis’ and Rick Baker’s first pairing. The “Don’t call me ‘Shirley’.” line was spoken in this movie before Airplane! Kentucky Fried Movie – The Zucker Bros and Jim Abrahams when they were still funny. Animal House -This one put Landis on the map (several people got their start in […]

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Arthur Penn

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Arthur Penn Bonnie and Clyde – This was a watershed movie in American cinema. It and The Wild Bunch helped smash certain taboos of screen violence. The real Bonnie and Clyde were not actually this cool, so don’t go thinking this is 100% accurate. The late, great Dede Allen was the editor and the equally […]

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Larry Clark

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Larry Clark Larry began as a photographer and he’s brought his documentary style to his films. He seems a little too preoccupied with underage sex. He may need monitoring. Kids – This one gave us Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson. Sorry to scare you parents, but kids do do these things. Bully – Bunch of […]

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